Soccer has probably been the most popular sport in South Africa. On these pages we hope to publish facts about the history of the game, pictures and line-ups of some of the teams as well as interviews with some of the soccer legends. They deserve to be remembered. The original idea came from Buddy Govender and Ishaan Blunden who are the administrators of the facebook page History of Non Racial Soccer in South Africa. I offered to arrange interviews with some of the Soccer Legends who had emigrated to Australia. Reaz Moorad agreed to conduct these, and also to find some of these legends who were in New Zealand. These interviews and some associated material are then given to Buddy and Ishaan to form part of their library. Interview that have been conducted will be published on the Interviews Page and Club information on The Clubs pages I hope to add a section on the famous clubs that thrilled fans during the hey-days of South African Soccer and also to have a photo galley of teams and individuals that have contributed to the history of Soccer in South Africa. Bing Kinsey
The Kinsey Report South African Soccer
Updated 07 April 2020